Wenger is the greatest French manager in history

Wenger is the greatest French manager in history, and he’s not going to stop. The team is in the Champions League zone, and the team’ leaders are playing at their peak.
The team”s main rivals are Barcelona and Manchester City. The latter has already won the Champions league, so the fight for the title is not so easy.
However, the team has a number of interesting players, who are able to surprise the fans.

The main competitors of the team are:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;

* Juventus.
This season, the main goal of the players is to win the Champions title.
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The new season of the Champions is coming, and it will be very interesting to follow the events in the fight. The main goal for the team is to become the best in the world.
In the current season, Real Madrid has a good chance of winning the title. The Madrid team has the best lineup in the tournament, and this is reflected in the results of the club.
It is clear that the team will not be able to repeat the triumph of the previous season, but it has a chance to win it. The players of the Royal club have a good understanding with the team leaders, who have a great desire to win gold medals.
Real Madrid is the main contender for the victory in the current tournament. The club has a great number of stars, and they have a lot of potential.
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Main rivalries of the season
The season of European football has already ended, and now we can see who will win the title of the strongest in the Old Continent.
Barcelona is the most obvious contender for victory. The Catalans have a number on their side that is not small. The following players are among the leaders of the Spanish championship:
1. Messi. The Barcelona player is already the best player in the history of the game, and his personal achievements are still unrivaled.
2. Suarez. The Uruguayan player is a real star, and in the season 2019-2020 he managed to score a lot.
3. Busquet. The Belgian player is one of the main leaders of his team.
4. Pique. The French player is the leader of the midfield.
5. Suarez’ partner.
6. Messi’ partners.
7. Suarez and Messi.
8. Busquets and Pique, and so on.
Of course, the Catalans are not the only team that can win the European Cup. However, they are the main contenders for victory in this tournament.
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The current season of La Liga is very interesting, and we can note the following trends:
· Barcelona is the strongest team;
·3. Real Madrid is in a good shape;
4.. Liverpool is in an excellent shape.
These teams are the most likely to win La Liga. The first team is the best at the moment, and its main competitors are: ​​Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, ​ ​ ​​ ​ ​ Liverpool.
Liverpool is in excellent shape, and many experts believe that it will win gold cups. The Reds have a very good lineup, which is able to score goals.
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