Which football coaches have the most complete knowledge?

The position of the coach is one of the most important for the success of the team. The position of a coach is not only important for his own career, but also for the development of the club. The list of the best football coaches in the world is long and rich, but the list of coaches who have the best knowledge of the game is not so long.
The best football players know the position of their coach, and they are able to predict the results of the matches. This is especially important in the case of the championship, where the strongest teams are not always able to play in the best stadiums.

The list of football coaches who are able not only to predict, but to also win, is very long. The following coaches have won the most championships:
1. Diego Simeone (Barcelona).
2. Josep Guardiola (Manchester City).
3. Pep Guardiola (Barça).
4. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool).
5. Mauricio Pochettino (Tottenham).
6. Zinedine Zidane (Real).
7. Frank Lampard (Manchester United).
8. Carlo Ancelotti (Barak).
9. Juande Ramos (Barca).
10. Josep Mourinho (Manchester FC).
11. Arsène Wenger (Arsenal).
12. Louis van Gaal (Manchester Utd).
13. Jose Mourinho ( Chelsea).
14. Jurgenić (Napoli).
15. Arsene Wenger (Real Madrid).
16. Zinedines Zidano (Real Sociedad).
17. Jose Callejon (Barceloneta).
18. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Barclays).
19. Zidcarlos (Barri Gòtic).
20. Zorbas (Barcellona).
21. Jose Antonio Pizzi (Barcare).
22. Zizou (Barletta).
23. Jose Gimenez (Barbosa).
24. Diego Sánchez (Barco de Oro).
25. Zoumana (Barros).
26. Diego Costa (Barcega).
27. Diego Chiesa (Real Mallorca).
28. Diego Godin (Barquisimeto).
29. Diego Laxalt (Monterrey).
30. Diego Sanchez (Montego Bay).
31. Diego Forlan (Monza).
32. Diegos (Barris).
33. Diego Souza (Barreto).
34. Diego Maradona (River Plate).
35. Diego Altamirano (Monzón).
36. Diego Lopez (Monaco).
37. Diego Llorente (Monchi).
38. Diego Castro (Monchietta).
39. Diego Lugano (Tenerife).
40. Diego Perez (Tianjin Teda).

This is not the only list of best football teams. The best football clubs in the whole world are:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;

* Bayern;
* Ajax;
* Real;
EPL clubs.
In the list above, you can find the clubs that are able win the most matches, but it is not always possible to play the best teams.
How to find the best results of football matches?
The results of a football match are very important for both the team and the fans. The results of matches are not only the result of the match, but they also show the level of the teams. It is possible to see the results on the website of sports statistics.
There are many websites that provide information about football matches. The most popular are:
* The website of the sports statistics;
The website of football results;
Football score;
Score soccer.
Football results are the result not only of the result, but of the performance of the players. The website provides information about the players, the position, the statistics, and the livescore.
You can find out the results not only from the best clubs, but from all over the world. The information about matches is updated in real time.
Results of football games
The information about a football game is available on the site of sports results. The main feature of the site is the list with the results. You can find this list on the home page.
If you want to find out how the match ended, you need to go to the section “Results”. Here you can see the statistics of the games. The site is updated with the latest information.
Information about football results
The site of football scores provides the information about all the matches of the national team. It contains the following information:
• The name of the player;
• The number of goals;
• The number and position of substitutions;
This information is updated every second.
It is possible not only for the national teams, but for other teams too. The football results are available on this site.

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