Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer are making tennis interesting again

They are the main contenders for the title of the most successful tennis player of the last decade.
The tennis season is not over yet, so we can expect a lot of interesting matches. Here are the most intriguing confrontations of the current season.
1. Serena Williams and Venus Williams. The rivalry between the two players is one of the main ones of the season. The Williams sisters are the best tennis players of the world. The two of them have already met twice. The first time was in the quarterfinals of the US Open. The second time was at the Roland-Garros. Serena won, but Venus lost.

The rivalry is so intense that it is impossible not to watch the matches. Both players are the strongest in their age group. It is important to note that Serena is the older of the two, but she is also the more talented.
2. Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. The pair is the main rivals of the top tennis players. The Serbian player has already won the Roland Garros and the US open. Nadal is the second in the ranking of the number of victories. He has won the title in each of the past three years.
3. Roger Federers and Rafael Monegasques. The duo is one the main favorites of the tournament. The Monegasses have already won two Grand Slam tournaments. They have won the US and Wimbledon.
4. Dimitrov and Dimitrova. The Bulgarian player and the Romanian player are the leaders of the Bulgarian and Romanian tennis. They play the most important matches.
5. Djokalovic and Dimas. The main rivals are the Serbian player and his partner, Rafael Nadals.
6. Milos Raonic and Dominic Thiem. The German player and Belgian player are also the main competitors of the Swiss player.
7. Kei Nishikori and Kei Sanchirico. The Japanese player is the leader of the Asian swing.
8. Tsonga and Zverev. The South African player is also a main contender for victory.
9. David Ferrer and Nadal again.
10. Kei and Nishikoro.
All the matches of the tennis season are available on the sports statistics website.
You can always find the latest information about the matches on the website of sports statistics.
Main Intrigues of Tennis Season
The current season of the Grand Slam tournament is very interesting. The following confrontations are of particular interest:
1/ Djoker-Djokovic. The last time these two players met was in Rome. The Serb won, and the Croatian player lost. Djoker is the strongest player of his age group, so the match is a real test of strength.
2/ Nadal-Nadal. The Spanish player is one step ahead of the Serbian. The confrontation is especially interesting because it is the first time that the two rivals are in the same group.
3/ Federer-Netherlands. The Swiss player is in the strongest position in the rankings.
4/ Djoko-Dosseh. The Kenyan player is not in the best shape.
5/ Dimas-Zverev is a serious rival of the German player. The Spaniard is also in the top-5.
6/ Zvereva-Nishikoro is another serious rival.
7/ Raonic-Thiem.
8/ Nishikorin-Davide.
9/ Tsitsy-Kavaguti.
10/ Kuznetsova-Kuznetsov.
This season, the main intrigue is the struggle for the main title of men鈥檚 tennis. The top-3 of the men鈥漵 tennis are:
路 Nadals;

路 Federer;
路 Djokic.
It is important that the top three are all in the world鈥檚last place.
However, the following confrontationals are of special interest:
路 Nadal vs. Djokovich;

鈥淣adal vs. Federer鈥;
鈥淣adal vs Djokov鈥.
In the first match, the Serb will try to win back the title that he lost in the US. In the second match, he will try not to lose to the Swiss.
鈥漀adal-Nadals鈥 is another confrontation of the strongest tennis players in the current year. The match is interesting because Nadal has already beaten the Swiss in the final of the Masters.
Also, it is important for the Serbs that they are the only one who can beat Djokovi膰.
We should note that the Serbian players are not in good shape. They lost to the French in the first round of the French Open. However, they are still the strongest on the ATP Tour.
The Serbian tennis players are in a bad shape. The players are tired and have lost a lot. The only hope for them is to win the next tournament.

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