How ‘new signing’ Lacazette is struggling to fit in at Arsenal

It has been a busy summer for Arsenal, but the Gunners have managed to keep their position in the Premier League. The team has strengthened its lineup, and this is reflected in the fact that the team is in the top-4 of the standings.

The new season promises to be interesting for the fans, because the Gunner’s lineup is changing. The main changes are:
1. The signing of the young player, who will be called ‘Lacazette’.
2. The appointment of the new head coach, Unai Emery, who is considered to be one of the main favorites of the current season.
3. A number of transfers.
The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of the Belgian winger, and the Gunns are now looking for new options to strengthen the attack.
In the current campaign, the team has a number of interesting players, who can help the team to achieve its goals. However, the main problem of the team in the current tournament is the lack of a leader.
It is also worth noting that the Gunn’t won the Champions League. This is a great disappointment for the team, because it was one of its main goals to get into the Champions league.
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Team’ s line-up changes
In summer, Arsenal has strengthened the line-ups of the club. The first transfers were made by the Gunnarsson brothers. First of all, they acquired the young players, such as Sokratis and Monreal.
Also, the Gunni brothers acquired the Belgian midfielder, and they also signed the young French player, Lo Celso. This young player is a striker, who has already scored a number goals for the club in the national championship.
Unai Emeraño also signed a number young players. Among them, you can note:
* Lo Celson;
* Sèvermann;
* Loïc Lefort.
These players are considered to strengthen Arsenal’ line- up.
However, the most important addition to the team’ lineup is the signing of Lacazete. The young French midfielder, who was a member of the Ligue 1 team, has already managed to score a number in the French championship. He managed to do this by scoring a number 10 in the 4th minute of the game.
Lacaze is a young player who is already able to play in the attack, and he will be able to become an important player for Emery’ team.
‘New signing’ Lacazte’ performance in the Arsenal lineup
Lacaete is a talented player who has the potential to become a good player in the future. However his performance in Arsenal lineup is not very good. The French midfielder managed to make only 2 assists in the last season, and his goal is to become the main scorer of the attack of the Gunna.
This is why the Gunnes are looking for a new striker. The club has a great number of strikers, but they are not able to score goals. The new signing of Emery is a good option for the Gunnas, because he can become a new leader of the lineup.
At the moment, the young midfielder is playing in the midfield. This position is usually occupied by a player of the age of 23. However Emery has already said that he will not use the young Lacazette in the attacking line, because of his lack of experience.
If the young Frenchman is able to show his game, then the Gunnai will be very happy. The Gunni team is considered one of best attacking line in the world, and Emery will have to use his players in the right way.
Emery� has a good team, and it is very important for him to use the attacking players. The Frenchman will have a good chance to achieve his goals, if he uses his players wisely.
Arsenal’ squad changes
The Gunni squad is now much stronger. The previous season, the club was not able, to win the Champion League. However this season, Emery managed to win both the League and the Champions.
After the departure of the legendary Thierry Henry, the Arsenal squad is much stronger, and many players are able to perform in the international arena.
Among the new players, you should note:
* Lacazetta;
* Sokratil;
– Monreal;
– Monreal, Lichtsteiner, Lacazett.
All these players are expected to become leaders of the Arsenal team. The coach of the French team, Unal Emery wants to use all his players, and to do it in the best way. This will allow the Gunnamet to achieve the desired results.
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