Champions League Final in Madrid

The Champions League Final was held in Madrid on May 18, 2017. The decisive match of the tournament was between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The Reds won by a score of 3:1.
The final was a great success for the team. The players had a good start, but then Real Madrid began to demonstrate a lot of attacking football. The result of the game was predictable: the Reds won.
This was the third time that the Royal Club won the Champions League. The previous two times it was the Spanish team that won the tournament.

The last time the Champions Cup was won by the team of Real Madrid was in 1996.
You can watch the live stream of the Champions Final on the website of sports statistics. The stream is available in full screen mode.
Live scores of the final
The first half of the match was very tense. Both teams had good chances to score, but the Reds managed to take advantage of the mistakes of the Royal club.
In the second half, the match became more balanced. The score of the first half was 3:0 for the Reds.
However, Real Madrid managed to score a few minutes later. This was the decisive goal of the team, which was scored by Gareth Bale.
Liverpool’s chances of winning the Champions Trophy were also very high. The team had a very good start and managed to create several scoring chances. However, the Reds were not able to convert them into goals.
It is worth noting that the Reds had a great start, too. They had a number of scoring chances, but they failed to convert any of them into a goal.
After the game, the Liverpool players congratulated their team mates and expressed their satisfaction with the result of their match.
Main Results of the Final
The match was played in the Champions’ League, which is the main tournament of the UEFA. Liverpool is the current champion of England. The Royal club is considered to be one of the best in the world.
Despite the fact that Real Madrid is considered as one of Spain’s most successful teams, the team did not have a great result in the tournament, as well as in the domestic arena.
Real Madrid started the match very well. The first goal of Ronaldo was a double strike, which the Royal team was able to score. However the Reds did not lose their cool and scored another goal. This goal was scored in the 61st minute by Bale. The player scored a penalty kick.
Soon after the penalty kick, Liverpool scored a goal, too, which made the score of this match 3:2.
At the end of the second period, the score was 3 goals for the Royal Madrid team.
Both teams had a lot to play for in the remaining matches of the group stage, so the final round of the competition will be held on June 14.
Detailed Results of Champions League
The group stage of the main European football tournament was held. The group stage is the first stage of a tournament, where the teams are divided into several groups. The teams will play against each other in the next round.
All the groups were played with the same rules. The matches are held in a round-robin format. The draw of the groups was held on May 25.
Of the teams in the group, Liverpool and Manchester City were the best. The Citizens were considered to have a good chance of winning their group. The main goal of Liverpool was to win the Champions trophy.
They managed to achieve this, but Real Madrid also managed to win a place in the playoffs. The final match of this tournament was played on May 17. The match ended with a score 3:3.
During the match, the Citizens were the main competitors of Liverpool. The club was able not to score in the first period, but it scored a few goals in the second.
Manchester City was also able to win its group, but Liverpool did not achieve the same result.
Final results of the matches
The Citizens were able to achieve a good result in this tournament, but not in the long run. The long tournament distance is a problem for the club. The results of its matches are not always the best, but this is the case with almost every team. Liverpool managed to get a good draw in the draw, but its main goal was not achieved.
As for the Citizens, they were able not only to win their group, they also managed a good score. The problem for them is that the team is not able yet to play in the Premier League.
There are several reasons for this:
1. The Champions League is the most prestigious tournament of all.
2. The level of competition in the English Premier League is not the best compared to other leagues.
3. The squad of the Citizens is not very strong.
4. The financial situation of the club is not optimal.
5. The lack of experience of the coach.
6. The bad results of other teams in previous matches.
7. The problems of the players.
8. The transfer ban of the player.
9. The poor results of Manchester City.
10. The absence of a good goalkeeper.
These are the main reasons for the failure of the citizens.

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